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The beacon on the hill behind my house is the highest point in the area. From there I have a view over Somerset West and the Helderberg basin. I can also see all of Morgenster and in the distance, Cape Town and Cape Point. 

This high point is a place of great historical interest. Back in the very early 1700’s, the first owner of this farm, Willem Adriaan van der Stelwho was also Governor of the Cape, used to have look outs stationed here. When they saw a ship entering False Bay or Table Bay they would ring a bell to alert people on the farm below to load up wagons so they could meet the ships with their fresh produce before other farmers could get there. It was this practice that eventually led to his deportation and the proclamation of Morgenster in 1711.  

But this spot is even older than that. Here you can see decomposing granite coming to the surface, which gives us a better understanding of how our soils have developed over thousands of years.

Down below on the farm, it is a very exciting time. Our wine harvest is coming to an end and will be over before Easter. The olive harvest has already started and will reach a crescendo in April. Our weather is still good and it is a perfect time for our friends to come and enjoy our beautiful view, the excellent food at 95 At Morgenster and, of course, our wonderful olive oils and wines in our tasting room.

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It’s going to be a stunner! Here we are nurturing the Sauvignon Blanc component of Morgenster White 2016 into barrel. We think it will be the best the Estate has produced to date. Watch this space! We have recently launched the 2014 vintage so try that vintage in the meantime - a fabulously elegant Bordeaux White - even if I say so myself.


Olive harvest has started on Morgenster and the first olives are being picked and processed into oil which will stay in the settling tanks until bottling later in the year. Giulio Bertrand tells us that in Italy it is a very exciting and sociable time as smaller producers bring their olives to their local mill. They usually stay until their oil is produced, often sleeping there. This is partly out of eagerness to see the result of their oil and partly to ensure that the oil they are given is from their own olives. Perhaps that is why he put his olive production facility in the old Morgenster wine cellar; it is only a few metres down the gravel driveway from his house and his bedroom.


Jocelyn Myers-Adams is the Executive Chef of the Table Bay Hotel. Here is her recipe for Pan-fried yellowtail with sautéed fennel, apple and tomato, and potato rosti.


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