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What I did this month is a little crazy. I exhibited my Italian Collection wines Tosca and Nabucco 2011, made in South Africa from Italian cultivars grown on Morgenster, and my olive oil grown and made from Italian cultivars in South Africa, to Italians at the Merano Wine Festival at the beginning of November. This festival www.meranowinefestival.com is Italy's most exclusive event, one of the most elegant in Europe. It is by invitation only that producers can participate. Because the quality of my production was referred to the organisers by some of their partners, I received a personal invitation to enrol my wines.

But I am happy to be a little crazy because Italian wine experts told us that it is the best nebbiolo they have tasted outside of Italy. 2011 is the first vintage where Henry used the expertise he learnt from the Italians on how to work with nebbiolo and sangioveseonthe two trips he and I made to Italy together.

I am also happy to be back at Morgenster from my annual trip to Italy to eat truffles and drink good wine ...

Heinz Brunner, Team Manager of Culinary Team South Africa, Judi Dyer, Dr Billy Gallagher and Stephen
Billingham, President of SA Chefs Association.

On 27 October, Judi, my Managing Director, was presented with her National Colours blazer for representing South Africa at the World Culinary Olympics in 1984 in Frankfurt, Germany where she won Best Junior Chef in the World and two gold medals. OK, it is 31 years later,but a wonderful recognition.

Judi said it was very special because her family gathered from around the country to enjoy the occasion with her. Also Dr Billy Gallagher and chef Heinz Brunner, who were both members of the National team with her back in 1984, were at the presentation. This took place at a Chefs of Distinction dinner in Punchinello’s at Montecasino which featured my Morgenster wines, paired with the menu that the current National team will present at the 2016 Culinary Olympics.

I like also to tell you that 95 At Morgenster will be opening for dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from the 26th of November.

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Mr Bertrand has told you about our bold and successful experiment to sell our Italian variety wines to the Italians. So our special offer to our readers this month is a three bottle vertical collection of Morgenster Italian Collection Nabucco 2009, 2010 and 2011, all pure nebbiolo.

Our other cellar news is that we have just released a small portion of our two 2011 Bordeaux blends - Morgenster Reserve and Morgenster Lourens River Valley 2011.

This was my second Bordeaux harvest for the Estate and I remember it as a very exciting one. The increasing maturity of the vines which vary in age from 7 to 18 years,helped us to bring the fruit to the specific ripeness I wanted and could make wines with great depth and complexity which will be offering even more pleasure in 20 years' time.

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If they are perfect enough these little olives could be in one of the best olive oils in the world when they grow up. Corius our farm manager couldn't resist photographing them just as they pushed their little heads out of their flowers, looked around at the beautiful Morgenster olive groves and announced to their new world: "We want to be Flos Olei 2017 champions!"




Ghenwa Steingaszner of Ghenwa's Lebanese Cooking Club supplied this month's summer recipe for luscious Mozzabouleh drenched in Morgenster extra virgin olive oil and served with chilled Morgenster Nu (pronounced "new") Sauvignon Blanc. »


I have moved another interesting piece of South African art from my collection into 95 At Morgenster. This strange gentleman in the bar area of the restaurant, drinking a fish instead of my excellent wine, is from Norman Catherine.

The three panels of Diane Veronique Victor's Trinity Fetish (Straight Dress II, XXX, Mercy Seat) are in the main restaurant.

To the right of the three panels is The Wolpe Gallery C.T. by Fred Page.

Andrew Clement Verster's Fragile Paradise No. 7 is hanging in the bar area.

On the right hand side of the restaurant is Bettie Cilliers-Barnard's Elongated figures.

Simon Patrick Stone's Flower in hair is hanging in the passage.

On the end wall near the bar is Grahamstown, by Penny Siopis.

Olive Pickers - Corfu by Eleanor Frances Esmonde-White is hanging on the end wall near the kitchen.

Perhaps I see you visiting these friends of mine at the restaurant, at lunch on any day of the week, or at dinner on Thursday, Friday or Saturday? Next month I tell you of the other piece that is not from my South African Collection and of which I am very proud.