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One of the most important events in the world is being hosted in Italy from May to the end of October this year. It is the Universal Exposition where over 140 countries show the best of their technology to provide answers to the need to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone while respecting the planet and its equilibrium. With Milan having been chosen as the host city, Italy chose the central theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

Over the six months Expo Milano 2015 will welcome more than 20 million visitors to its enormous exhibition area. In June I was lucky to be one of them, visiting with a group of my fellow Cavalieri del Lavoro (the Italian Order of Merit for Industrialists). It made me so proud that I am Italian and inspired me to celebrate the great honour of this Expo by sharing with you my Italian Collection wines.


They are made from the two most important Italian grape cultivars that are associated with great Italian wines - nebbiolo from Piedmont and sangiovese from Tuscany. Since 2006 I have produced at Morgenster wines made from these cultivars but I add to them the African sun and the magical terroir of Morgenster.

Nebbiolo is the most noble of Italian grape varieties. It means "little fog" to describe the autumn and winter fog that covers most of Piedmont. It was that same fog that led me to buy Morgenster to escape to some sunshine in January and February when the nebbia in Piedmont is at its worst.

Sangiovese is the backbone of the renaissance of quality Italian wines called Super Tuscans where it is blended with the noble Bordeaux varieties of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. My friend Michael Fridjohn says: "Super Tuscans are the logical evolution of the great sangiovese-based wines of Italy. Chianti classico was never pure sangiovese. However, with the thoughtful use of varieties like cabernet (instead of the more traditional trebbiano and canaiolo), what used to be an often rustic accompaniment to Tuscan cuisine has entered the realms of vinous greatness." These wines have unique character and my love for them developed because I have been lucky to sample many of the best examples. Now I am able with Henry to influence the production of wines in the Italian style, from Morgenster.

So I am celebrating Expo Milano 2015 for the next four months till the end of December by offering you my three bottle or six bottle  presentation packs covering 2011 Nabucco, 2011 Tosca and 2015 Caruso.

We will celebrate in different ways these cultivars that represent my roots, my love for wine and the reason why I retired to South Africa. We commemorate 40 years since when this Italian first travelled to South Africa and fell in love with the country.

Judi is very excited about my idea and because she loves ice cream as well as my Super Tuscan wines she has commissioned an ice cream made with Tosca. I let her tell you about it herself.

Our spring baby will be a little late - to keep you up-to-date on the opening of "95 At Morgenster", I tell you only "soon", hopefully "very soon", we will be open. I promise to send you a note when we have the exact date ...

Till next time,



Here is Henry enjoying the good weather against the New York skyline. Do you think he looks like he's working? While he is away I am taking liberties with his column and telling you about Tosca ice cream. It is made with a sweet cream base that is enhanced with Tosca 2009, layered with roasted black cherries and then laced with flecks of dark chocolate. Aaaaah, delicious! It was developed by Kristen of Kick-Ass Ice Cream who loves to experiment with delicious and unusual flavour combinations in the ice creams she makes from her home in Noordhoek.  

The first five people who click here and tell us where Kristen is making her ice cream will have a 500 ml tub of delicious Morgenster Tosca ice cream delivered to their door!


Delivery is limited to addresses in Cape Town (for obvious reasons), but that doesn't stop you from entering if you live elsewhere - enter, win and surprise a friend who lives in Cape Town. Rumour has it that Kristen will be opening a store in Cape Town soon.        


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600 bottles of Monte Marcello have just left the farm for Japan. The Estate has been exporting its Morgenster olive oil to Japan for some time, but this is the first time they are trying our late harvest mono cultivar extra virgin olive oil. 




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